Industrial vehicles

Tooling Department

Zamak Foundry



Farma is a structured organisation present on the market since 1975. Born to serve the industrial vehicles market, the company's core business, over the years it has also specialized in the production of zamak and plastic parts

Industrial Vehicles

We design and manufacture refueling systems complete with cap, filler neck, filter and related accessories for fuel and urea tanks. The customers served in the global market are manufacturers of construction machinery, tractors, trucks, dealers in the aftermarket for cars and trucks.

Zamak Foundry

We cast zamak (zink alloy) components of high quality and complexity for the most different sectors: automotive, window frames, hydraulic and pneumatics, medical, food, electronic, etc.

Plastic injection

We manufacture plastic parts to serve our Automotive division and our customers. An over moulding service is also available upon request.

Mould design and tooling department

We design and manufacture any moulds for our products and for our customers. Our technicians offer a specialized assistance to find best solution according to the different product applications.

The common denominator of FARMA Divisions is precision, innovation, reliability, and high-quality standards.


Farma is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949:2016 and is authorised to AIA /IPPC.


The common denominator of the FARMA Divisions is precision, innovation, reliability and high quality standards

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